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Sanitary measures in the studio.

Sanitary measures in the studio.

After the stop by Covid-19 we have resumed the activity both in filming and the study with a whole series of sanitary measures.

Regarding the recording of voiceovers, we are mainly working with remote connections with our announcers through different types of connection:

Source Connect

We also link the session to Zoom so that our clients can follow the session in real time and give the instructions they deem appropriate to both the announcer and our technical team.

For projects that require it, we can also make recordings in the studio, enabling one room for the announcer, another room for clients and a third room for the technician, so that the three can be working under one roof in three rooms connected through of large windows.

In the same way, we can also do online viewings and face-to-face viewings by enabling a room for the exclusive use of the client with communication through a window.

As for the filming, we follow the recommendations of the APSA (Associació de Professionals del So Audiovisual), which through the AAA (Agrupació d’Associacions de l’Audiovisual) has set out, together with other departments of the audiovisual sector, the preventive recommendations to follow.

Both in the studio and in the filming suitcase we always wear masks, disinfectant gel and nitrile gloves. Also in the studio we have an ozone machine to disinfect the entire workspace from one day to the next.